If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, if you are looking for an environment where you can develop your skills, if you want to work in an organization that has global goals and runs towards these goals with innovative technologies, we would like to see you among us as the smartIQ team.
What awaits you?

Opportunity to Create Great Apps

We are constantly working on new sub-projects in line with the demands from our customers and the field, we develop new features almost every week and reflect them in our current SaaS application. Since big data is the most fundamental part of our business, when you join our team, you will have the chance to gain serious experience and field experience in this field.

Global Mission:

Although we operate only in Turkey for the time being, the solution we have developed is rapidly gaining acceptance in overseas markets. In fact, the main focus of our investor and business partnership meetings is to open this solution to foreign markets. You can witness this adventure closely by joining our team.

Growth Opportunities:

It’s important to be on the right team at the right time. Both our team and our business are growing rapidly. You can improve yourself in this process by including us.

Central Location:

Our office is on the Anatolian side, at Marmara University Göztepe Campus. We are at a point where you can reach quickly either by public transport or by your own vehicle. We can benefit from all the facilities on the university campus. (Our office location)

Side Rights

Private health insurance

“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body” is very important to us. We care about your health and offer a comprehensive Health Insurance from the insurance company we have a contract with to all our employees.

Remote Working Opportunity

Although we have a brand new and pleasant office, we offer the opportunity to work remotely, taking into account the stress and fatigue caused by traffic and travel. We add Google Meet/Zoom link for remote connection to all our meetings.

More Permissions

We care that you can get enough rest. Therefore, if you do not smoke, you are entitled to +3 days of additional leave.

Private Pension Support

We will surely retire one day and be comfortable. In order to spend those days with pleasure, if you want to enter the Private Pension program, we are with you. We also contribute up to 3% of your salary to the individual pension you will have from the first time. All of our contribution is yours at the end of the third year.

Food card

None of us can tolerate hunger 😊 That’s why we support our employees with the Multinet meal card every month.

Personal Development Support

Every year, we cover the entire cost of 1 training that we think will contribute to personal development or company activities. We are sure that there are trainings that will excite you on platforms such as Udemy and CourSera 😊

Reference Program

If you refer your friends by saying “The sea is beautiful, you should come too” and get them to join our team, we will give you a referral bonus of up to 1,000 USD in the third month of their participation.


Recruitment Process

 1- Remote Interview or Face to Face Interview

After receiving your application, we quickly organize an interview if the content of your CV is suitable for one of our current open positions.

Due to the pandemic, we are conducting our interviews via Google Meet/Zoom.

We can also provide a controlled face-to-face meeting environment for our candidates who want to see our office and meet in the office environment. (Our office location)

In the first interview, after quickly explaining ourselves and our future plans as smartIQ, we give you the floor and ask our questions to get to know you.​

In this meeting, we end our meeting by answering your questions about the position or about us.

2- Team Meeting and Professional Exercise

This step has been designed so that you can demonstrate your professional competence as well as your social skills. Our technical team managers can direct questions or short exercises in accordance with their previous experience and the criteria we are looking for.

Thanks to this meeting, you will meet the team and/or team leader that you will be included in, and you will have the chance to listen to the work from your kitchen.

3- Offer Negotiation

If everything goes well so far, we prepare our offer and tell you the details such as salary and fringe benefits in a short meeting, answer your questions and give you 3 days to evaluate.

What Kind of Technologies Do We Use?